Adam Miller in 1977 was a young rising skating star in California. He was gaining momentum in his career, winning National competition and working hard daily on his skills on ice. At 18, he contracted double pneumonia, and after arriving at the emergency room, and having 109 fever, his body shut down and he was pronounced dead for 4.5 minutes. An amazing near death experience, an out of body experience, took place and his life was never the same since. 

Since then, Adam had been working as a holistic practitioner, as a spiritual healer. Tens of thousands of people had come to see him, and miracles took place in their lives. He worked with people ages from newborn to well past 100, men and women alike, from near and far, and from every walk of life. After 3 decades, the demand was so high, that Adam's idea on retiring was being pushed away further and further. And in 2015, since the launch of FaithWarrior.org, he had taken that leap. He stopped seeing clients for a time and focused on raising his small children and living a quiet life on a ranch. But, the requests kept on coming in... and not being able to turn people in need down, Adam decided to continue working. All the while trying to balance family life and the demanding schedule of healing work. 



There is no better explanation for it, than " God does it", as Adam says.  The sessions do involve putting a person on a massage table. No massage or manipulation takes place however. The sensations felt can be varied, but never unpleasant. And, this work is guaranteed. If a person doesn't believe that it helped them for whatever reason, money will be refunded to them. 

The standard rate per healing session is $150. 

The is special programs for children as well: children 8 years old and under, with life threatening illnesses, Adam will provide healing sessions free of charge. And children 15 years old, and under, with any serious disease Adam provides healing sessions by donation. 

Rate for healing for pets, large or small, exotic or domestic is $50. 



In 2015, Adam Miller began receiving a lot of hate messages, phone calls and social media posts from disturbed individuals who had never once met or worked with Adam.  Even his wife and kids became endangered as they were being stalked. They identified themselves as Militant Atheists, and had begun nasty slander movement online and other illegal activity including copyright infringement and harassment. These people as we learned later, are anarchists, with anti-religious communist ideas, trying to spread their message of hate, faith bashing, and chaos.

Thus, FaithWarrior.org was created. It was created in order to help people of faith and people of decency, to be aware and be educated about tactics of these disturbed individuals who are responsible for causing hundreds of suicides and attacks on innocent people annually.  They believe that the first amendments allows them to lie, steal, cheat, desecrate, harass, be indecent and commit crimes toward anyone they chose to target, while like cowards they hide behind a computer. We hear about these stories daily. And unfortunately lives are being ruined while these people go unpunished. And unlike most people, Adam Miller fought back and sued the person/group responsible for the slander and copyright infringement. And upon the lawsuit, numerous research was done, the truth was unearthed about this terrorist-like anarchist movement in our country.

Visit: Faithwarrior.org to learn more. 

The outcome of all the attacks and online posts ended up as just an embarrassment on the Militant Atheist and Anarchists behalf.  As all their posted information was lacking any factual evidence, intelligent language and arguments, and had no credibility. They accomplished nothing, and only made it easier for the lawmakers to identify them and to begin working on fixing the problem and not allowing this type of behavior to go unpunished by law. Also, their slander attempts only brought more attention to the healing work and more people began reaching out. Especially ones who otherwise would not have ever heard of the possibility of healing through spiritual path. The support received from everyone was amazing and still is to this day, for faith and decency always have a place in our society.