These testimonials were shared by real clients who came to see Adam. Please know that these videos are very special for several reasons. One, all these people give praise and all credit to the Higher Power in the Universe for  their healing, for they understand that they received it from God directly and not from Adam Miller. Two, all these folks stepped forward and were willing to share their private stories and intimate experiences in order to help other people. So please be respectful when watching. Thank you.

  • Dan's testimonial

    Dan suffered from 4 back surgeries and chronic pain for years. Here is his testimonial.

  • Danny's testimonial

    Danny changed his health and his life around as a result of the healing. Here is his powerful testimonial.

  • Laura's Testimonial

    Laura was suffering with back pain for 20 years and was out of options. She decided to give spiritual method a try and after even one session, she experienced amazing results.

  • Kylee's Testimonial

    Kylee, when she first came in for healing sessions, did not know what to expect, but her chronic pain was leading her to finding a solution. After the healing sessions she had experienced amazing results.

  • Ricky's Testimonial

    Ricky went from doctor to doctor as no one could diagnose what was ailing him, he had tried everything. When he came to see Adam, shortly he started to feel better and by the end of his sessions, he shared with everyone his amazing experience and his remarkable results.

  • Andrea's testimonial

    Andrea was suffering from severe case of athlete's foot. In fact, the condition was so serious that her foot looked like it had been burned. She experienced fast and unexpected results with her healing as the illness cleared away with great speed.

  • Darcelle's Testimonials

    Darcelle had shoulder, neck, back and nerve pain issues which were causing her problems and were getting in the way of her daily life. Here is her results of the healing sessions.

  • Susan's testimonial

    Susan came to see Adam from out of state in order to find some relief from her chronic back pain, which she had for almost 20 years. In this video she shared her experiences and her results.

  • Aaron's Testimonial

    Aaron had a history of drug abuse and was intentionally poisoned by another individual, which caused long term problems in the brain and to the nervous system. With a lot of effort on Aaron, his family and Adam's part, God's healing took place and Aaron experienced the miracle of healing.

  • Carolyn's Testimonial

    Carolyn experienced great results with her asthma condition when she came to see Adam. She shares her story and her experience.

  • Dale's Testimonial

    Healing of foot fungal problem and bringing more balance and spiritual understanding in his life.

  • David's testimonial

    David, first came as a support for his wife who was seeking healing. He was skeptical, however after his own sessions he saw that God has amazing power to heal, weather it's back pain like in the case of his wife, or acute hearing.

  • Dontavian's Testimonial

    Dontavian's family had been having hard time managing his childhood asthma and allergies which he had for most of his life. Dontavian experienced great healing results and shared his story with you.

  • Rhonda's Testimonial

    Rhonda had been suffering from severe fibromyalgia which left her unable to carry on with her daily life. In this video, she shares not only her message of how God healed, but also you can see small segment of the actual session and what takes place, and proof Rhonda being able to move about in her life without any problem.

  • Fran's testimonial

    Fran had been facing amputation due to a leg injury which became infected and did not heal properly. She had experienced amazing results from Universe's amazing healing power.

  • Jane's Testimonial

    Jane had been suffering from chronic back pain for many years and after one sessions she had amazing results to share with everyone.

  • James's Testimonial

    James, a practical and skeptical man, came for healing sessions and was surprised by the outcome. He shares his feelings, his story and what happened.

  • Dwight's Testimonial

    Dwight came to see Adam with a new back injury which he had just endured on top of having back issues already. Here is his testimonial of his experiences and results.

  • Sierra's Testimonial

    Sierra had amazing results with the healing sessions. She came to see Adam with fibromyalgia and had been living with a lot of pain in her life.

  • Shaar's testimonial

    Shaar came to see Adam for some minor pains and aches, however what she received during the sessions was much more. Spiritual path and growth , and other special messages.

  • Lauren's testimonial

    Lauren had a serious dependency on drugs and alcohol. She regained her beauty and her health after the healing work took all the addiction and rejuvenated her.

  • Kathy's Testimonial

    Kathy flew in long distance to see Adam for healing allergies, food sensitivities, back pain, and more.

  • Jennifer's testimonial

    Jennifer came to see Adam because she had been suffering from neck and back pain for a long time.

  • Tamra's testimonial

    Tamra was suffering from chronic long term back pain and headaches.

  • Testimonial

    This man came to see Adam for his chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

  • Jay's testimonial

    Jay was seeking help with substance abuse. He not only was able to achieve independence from that, but also learn spiritual lessons and tools for better life.

  • Karen's testimonial

    Karen came as a support for her friend Kathy, but she ended having a session for herself in regards to stress and life's lessons.

  • Testimonial

    This man came to see for alcoholism. This video is about the progress made and the experience of the sessions.

  • Robin's testimonial - PART 1

    Robin had suffered a severe injury during a kite boarding accident when her foot was torn off. She had hard time healing even years later.

  • Must see - Robin's testimonial PART 2

    Robin, after her kite boarding accident and her foot being torn off, finally as a result of the healing sessions , began to really heal. Her wounds closed, bones were not sticking out, and she began walking.

  • Silvia's testimonial

    Silvia was suffering from sleep apnea and severe back pain.

  • Testimonial

    This woman and her friend share their experiences during the healing sessions.

  • Stephanie's testimonial

    Stephanie was seeking for help with pelvic adhesions, eye sight problems and back injury and pain

  • Theresa's testimonial

    Theresa was having back pain for many months and was disappointed that all the other things she had tried to help alleviate that problem were not helping. She had great results with the healing work.

  • Tracy's testimonial

    Tracy came to see Adam for back pain and because of her dog who had a large tumor.

  • Will's testimonial

    Will seeked healing for severe headaches from which he was suffering from.